As an interior designer in business for more than twenty years, I realize the need for choosing cleaning products as a lifestyle choice—highly effective yet gentle solutions to protect and preserve the things that you love. I recognized that my clients desired a cleaning system that was effective yet safe, and was also pleasing to their senses, so my daughters and I collaborated with skilled chemists to create the Simply Spotless New York line of natural cleaning products for every area of your home.

Simply Spotless New York cleaning products are formulated from naturally derived ingredients and produce professional quality cleaning results on everything from granite countertops to the most delicate fabrics in your home. We’re proud that our safe, non-toxic cleaning products have satisfied the most stringent standards of the EPA, and have been awarded the EPA’s Safer Choice designation.  

In addition to being safe, our cleaning products are designed to be displayed openly on your countertops. These beautifully packaged products will complement any kitchen or bathroom design, without detracting from your carefully crafted aesthetic. When it’s time to choose a home cleaning solution to preserve the things you love, choose Simply Spotless New York.

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